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Tori Amos Lyrics Index

Tori Amos Lyrics - Tori Amos Discography - Tori Amos Lyrics Index

The Beekeeper (Feb.22, 2005)
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Welcome to Sunny Florida (With Bonus DVD) (May 18, 2004)
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Tales Of A Librarian (November 18, 2003)
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Scarlet's Walk (Oct 29, 2002)
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Strange Little Girls (Sept.18,2001)
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To Venus and Back (Sept. 21,1999)
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From the Choirgirl Hotel (May 5,1998)
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Boys for Pele(Jan.23,1996)
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Under the Pink(Jul.12,1994)
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Crucify (1992)
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Little Earthquake(1991)
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Y Can't Tori Read(1988)
The Big Picture
Cool On Your Island
Fire On the Side
Floating City
Heart Attack At 23
On the Boundary
You Go To My Head
Etienne Trilogy:
The Highlands (Instrumental)
Skyeboat Song (Traditional Instrumental)
Other Lyrics of Tori Amos
A Case of You
Amazing Grace
Beulah Land
Black Swan
Daisy Dead Petals
Do It Again
Down By the Seaside
Famous Blue Raincoat
Flying Dutchman
Frog On My Toe
Happy Worker
Here In My Head
Home on the Range (Cherokee Version)
Humpty Dumpty
Hungarian Wedding Song
If 6 Was 9
I'm On Fire
I Wanna Get Back With You
London Girls
Losing My Religion
Love Song
Murder, He Says
Never Seen Blue
Ode To the Banana King (Part 1)
The Pool
Purple People (Christmas in Space)
Ring My Bell
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
Sister Janet
Sister Named Desire
Song For Eric
Strange Fruit
Sweet Dreams
Take To the Sky
That's What I Like, Mick (The Sandwich Song)
This Old Man
Thunder Road
Til the Chicken
Toodles Mr. Jim
Upside Down
Waking With You
You Belong To Me

Tori Amos Lyrics - Tori Amos Discography - Tori Amos Lyrics Index


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